Dear Future Student:

Thank you for your interest in the American College of Applied Science. A graduate degree, undergraduate degree or professional development diploma from ACAS will help to prepare you for a rewarding career by providing you with new knowledge, skills and experiences leading to a respected professional credential in the field of your choice. As a member of our college community, you will have the continuing support of faculty, the administration and your fellow students on your path to earning your degree or diploma. In addition, you will have convenient online access to academic and career advising, student counseling, the library and writing lab, 24/7/365 asynchronous online classrooms with on-demand streaming video PowePoint instructor presentations and class participant communication, LiveCast Video Classrooms TM and other resources essential for your academic success here at ACAS.

I applaud you for choosing to pursue online higher education and I welcome you to the American College of Applied Science. If you wish to download a current Academic Catalog, apply online or perform other tasks, you may do so by clicking on the Create a Profile button and then creating your personal profile to log in. 


James Jakubow, PhD
Provost and Vice President Academic Affairs